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[QUOTE=drk242;1598527] i lost a tornado to a room full of dead.QUOTE]

By the sounds of it you didnt lose anything sounds to me like it was yoinked!
Id be pissed at 100$ a pop

Oh and this mortar thing..... meh could be cool but like Brian said it would have to be monitored and i think only selected personnel should use it. Not be a downer but firing these probably not cheap rockets at a empty building seems kinda kewl but would be waste of money as i can see theses things beings so light that they are safe but also very fragile if shot at or impacted concrete. Now firing them OUT OF a empty building well that just spells AWSOME!
As far as getting them back hell paint em floresent orange And hook a LED system inside for night attacks. If these things lit up like christmas trees (RED L.E.D's) i for one would let ya shoot em at me, now that would be intense 50-100 of these fuckers shooting through the air all lit up at night FFFfffffuuuuuuuck mee.

Later add a Parachute and LED-Flare attachment........hmmmmmmmmm starting to get ideas..........lots of ideas 8)... ive already said too much

Just my 2 pennies


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