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Yeah my bad. This stuff is confusing when your handed a more complicated airsoft gun then a Walmart Clearsoft lol. Ok so I was talking to a guy who knows WE like the palm of his hand at Hero Army Surplus. He said close bolt is harder to get for GBBR cause WE is doing all open-bolt now. He said close bolt has a faster cycling but if you guys are saying open bolt is more gas efficient then I guess it doesn't hurt to have both right?

As for mags I bought the 416 used off of some guy on Craigslist (he got it off Hero Surplus... sticker was on the box) The box says its a close bolt and with the brass tube in it its closed. But the mags the old owner bought say they are open bolt. I'm not 100% sure what to look for when comparing the two mags. The description on the SKU sticker says open bolt. How can I tell? I only have two mags so converting (if they are closebolt) isn't a price issue.
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