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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
There are in fact collectors, who do not attend games at all and couldn't care less if they ever play. These individuals seek out the classifieds.
*Raises hand*.

Though If I hand to get AV'ed today, I would have no issues doing a couple of hours each way to get the status if it was worth it.

That's why I did the market snapshops a while back, I had a few conversations with people affraid that AVinf wan't worth it.

Originally Posted by Flashman View Post
Solution = permit a statutory declaration regarding age sworn before a lawyer/notary to be mailed in. The lawyer/notary has a obligation to confirm ID and, after the ID is confirmed, the individual could swear a stat dec that is as simple as "I swear I am over the age of 18."
Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
That can't happen in a face to face meeting
Face to face meetings, from what I understand of them, have a bit of screening involved in them. I've hear plenty of reports over the years where AVers disqualified people after asking a few cursory questions to test if the individual is a parent looking to get in for their kid or if the individual is a security risk. I might be blowing things out of proportion though, actual AVers should pipe in on this.

The problem with the proposed solutions is that it only addresses validation of age, nothing more.
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