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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
ASC will not be using any kind of not-in-person verification in the foreseeable future.

A simple underlying logic exists: if you can't make it out to be AV'd, you won't be able to make it out to a game.

There's a small handful of players in very remote areas, but the negative impacts far outweigh the inconvenience to a small handful of people who'll have to travel a longer distance to get AV'd.
IMO, that reasoning doesn't do it anymore.

Perhaps it's localized around here, but there's dozens of guys (new/existing/etc...) who are playing regularly at multiple venues. That number grows every month. None of the games around here (or any I've been to) require ASC AV. At many...there are AV'ers there, but it's the minority if any who ask to be AV'd.

(my understanding) ASC AV was a gateway control to access the Buy/Sell sections of the forum. It's morphed a bit to include some minor other forum section restrictions, but that remains it's primary function. And the retailer section has simply extended the Buy/Sell section.

To that's no longer an effective mechanism. The cat's out of the bag...

However, as a measure to control access to the forum (a due care sort of thing) I can see how it still does that....I just don't see the reasoning tied to attending/playing games anymore.

It'd be entirely different if the games/events section was AV restricted.
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