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I have the following two issues with this method:

1) As a note of integrity for the ASC system: Multiple Paradox pointed it out, it's not difficult for me to fake an ID that's just "good enough" to pass over compressed web video. A couple classes in Photoshop is all it takes to learn the skills to do this. It's much more difficult for me to fake Ontario government approved ID for an in-person verification - particularly with the new ID's with layered holograms, UV text, and multi-visual aspect features. Many of these features are also raised or flush, depending on the product - and can ONLY be detected through actual touch. I don't know if other provinces have adopted such advanced anti-counterfeiting measures. I know BC has.

2) As the end user, I sure as hell don't want to be transmitting a batch of my ID's over an unsecure network, and having it stored in a centralized location. All it takes is one hacker looking to score a gold mine of personal info, and identity theft could run rampant. It is also for this reason alone, that ASC does NOT give permission for our age verifiers to record/scan/photograph the ID's they verify. The only information that we require, is the end user's forum username, their real name, their date of birth, and the age verifier's word that the ID that's being presented (in person) to them is authentic, and that of the person being age verified. Any age verifier that decides to store copies of personal ID beyond that, bears the sole responsibility of maintaining absolute security on the ID, and will have to deal with any issues that may arise from this security.
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