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My first airsoft

Hey there, I just got my first gun today. Can't wait to see whats up in the Toronto region. I used to play paintball a long way back then sold my equipment to switch to airsoft but never did! I am glad I finally did it.

So I got myself a Velocity Arm V1A1. I chose that one b/c I am the type of person that will upgrade everything regardless of the base, so a more expensive one would have been a waste of money for me.

So far I am really happy with it, well built, the plastic seems to be solid as well.
Here is my list of mod I have planned/already bought:
Vertical Grip
Crane Stock + Rear battery relocation
Holographic sight 551 clone
100mm G&P silencer
Madbull 6.01 Inner barrel
and want to learn and upgrade my gearbox in the near future.

I want to buy a couple more magazines, which one should I get? Hi-Cap, Med, low ? which one you guys like the most?

Hope to see you all soon.
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