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Originally Posted by whisper_kill
I think at the end of the day, Scarecrow has hit the nail on the head. Don't expect the 'kit shop' to be a large component of your TTAC plan as the ASC buy/sell forums are very active and quite successful. Those who want to use your kit shop will, those who don't... won't.

I think (once you've created your business model), you should implement it as fast as possible and get your feet wet as that will show you the viability of your concept. ASC, although extremely active, is not always the best barometer for airsoft in Canada.

The clock is ticking... I would imagine around November people will start thinking about their indoor venues again so that only gives you about 5 months!
Agreed, I don't expect.. or want to open a surplus shop... the odd thing, stuff you don't want or need any more.
For the most part... it could just be a good "depot" for goods exchange to facilitate the transactions done here on ASC.

I am working on the business model.. and the plan, and investing in the facilities upgrades we will need.

I am hoping for a late summer launch.

Will keep you posted,
But I'm gonna go dark for a while here on ASC to focus on the work
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