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In need of beginner gun

Alright so I have rented them before from the field I play at during under-age events with my friends and have decided that I'd like to get an aeg, especially since the field is starting to grow and will be hosting even more games in the 2012 season. I already have a beautiful we m9 gbb and am getting a holster very soon. I have about a 500 dollars budget ( lower is preferable, and this budget includes optics, batteries and chargers that I may need to purchase separately) and am looking for a nice starter aeg.


- Durable, I'm careful with these airsoft guns, but I don't want to have to buy replacement parts or even a new aeg every day because a flimsy trigger is snapping off or the magazines wont stay in place.

- Suitable for outdoor play: The location is outdoors only at the moment, so something range would be nice.

-Ready right out of the box: Hop up adjustments are fine and a more powerful battery is ok, but I'm not sure a beginner should be disassembling his gun.

-FPS: 300-400 ought to be reasonable. I'll probably end up using .25 so, I'm not entirely sure how much it will affect the fps. The limit at the field is 450.

- I'd rather have a gun that functions beautifully on the inside than look great aesthetically

Wants: (not necessary, but would be nice)

- Easy to access hop-up.

- A top rail for optics ( from what I've tried, I like the idea of a tube style green dot or a trijicon acog).

- Mostly metal ( I'm in Canada, so I know the lower receiver is usually tinted, but if the rest could be metal I'd be happy).

- Something apart from the m4 family is not necessary but I'd like to have something closer to an m16, or at least an m4 with a longer barrel. The m4's I've used seem to be a little bit short for my arms.

I've used the website before for my m9 and was really happy with it ( customer service, quick and free shipping, etc) but if there's another site that can be TRUSTED then that's fine. I was looking at buyairsoft, but I heard it is a troublesome site.

Thanks for your time helping a new player out.
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