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Originally Posted by RazoR333 View Post
Thanks for the feed back guys Very much appreciated. sorry for the wrong location post, but i figured the noob tank would be the place to make it.

Seems to be a very big crowd that takes offense to improperly placed posts. And a noob i am, so i AM going to make mistakes considering that i don't live on a computer and make umptien bigillion posts a week.

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reason we take offence to posts being in wrong sections is because we often cannot answer them fully because of the rules.
for example in this thread you are asking where to buy a gun in full view of un-verified members. as per rules we cannot post where to purchase the gun.

if you posted the same question in the "restricted age of majority" section you'd get a better answer.

now to answer your original question, nobody in Canada stocks the rifle, but you can get it if you look hard enough
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