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Dimitri, there's no need to be an ass, I was being sarcastic in my last post. As for doing research before posting, that's exactly what I did. I saw a blog that lead me to believe changes to bill C-11 could possibly effect our community and, I asked questions about it... ( it's not like it was a wack job youtube video about aliens I saw, it was a blog by a Dr. and the Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa)

If you actually look back at what I had posted earlier I said things like"could this", "It could be argued" and, "correct me if I'm wrong."

I questioned what I read online and wanted your opinions. What more do you want?

Sorry for all the doom and gloom but, should I only be asking questions of a cheery nature? What's wrong with looking at an issue worst case scenario?

Let me put it this way:

The largest Airsoft distributor in the US was removed from the largest Airsoft RS convention in the US because of an issue with trades and licensing. ( Do we even know for sure if all of the products in question were on display, or was it simply due to the lawsuit?)

If some enabler clause was added to any bill that gets passed, could forums like ASC be in trouble? It could be argued they enable the sale of counterfit goods, could it not?

Now don't make this political. Argue how forums do not enable the sale, or how they may be exempt to enabler provision amendments. Hell, even argue the likelihood of them going after the revenue lost to forums.

Is it not logical to think that what happened at shot show and, with all of the attention the internet, piracy, and IP infringement is getting right now, we are not immune?
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