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Originally Posted by Jcotter View Post
Back ally airsoft deals with shady characters in trench coats.. "Hey man, wanna buy a rail?"
Except technically your wrong since the start of your ranting, and this is another problem with the way your thinking.

I may not know jack-sh*t about airsoft, and I'll be the first to admit it, but since we are talking about the "clones" of real steel products lets look at the history for a moment.

Since airsofters generally think the M1913 Picatinny Rail system was a creation of Knights (its not) lets look at the real history of it for a moment ...

It was ARMS who created it, back in the early 1990's, by modifying the Weaver Rails, and they created the original "rail foregrips", the Flattop AR, and a host of other things. Except they lost the rights of exclusive manufacture of them long ago, and guys like KAC use ARMS's rail systems as a basis for their own.

Why did they lose their protection? Cause the US DoD decided to buy out ARMS rights to them so they can standardize it and have any manufacturer produce the rails on products that they source from.

As for such things in airsoft that I've noticed, such as people trying to make their M16 rifle into say a USMC SPR or SAM-R rifle and they hunt for all the bits and pieces cloned from KAC's product line, while yes KAC makes ARMS #22 style rings, but the SPR/SAM-R as issued comes with ARMS rings NOT KAC's clone for their rifles. But if its not all KAC (or a clone of KAC) when building up a M4/M16 platform its a "inaccurate" copy in the airsoft world based on the threads I've been reading here and on ASR.

Research, research, research, I know its hard to do. But perhaps it would be best if you did that before you said something next time?

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