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I think it is difficult for most to appreciate the issue because they do not understand the circumstances that preceded the exercise of this restraining order. The events which unfolded at ShotShow did not come without forewarning. I wish I could clarify what has happened, but as it happens I do unrelated business with parties on both sides of the issue. It would be unpolitic for me to throw in my hearsay. All I can say is that this years ShotShow had a lot more to offer than a restraining order issued to one airsoft distributor. You guys can tussle over this issue forever, but without really knowing what happened before, during, and after, the closure of JAG/Echo1's exhibit all you've got is a dick measuring contest without a ruler so you have to lay all your dicks side by side which is kind of can't get anywhere that isn't ghey.

ShotShow is about guns. Head on over to my ShotShow Media Day at the Range thread if you want to talk about guns again.

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