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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
After reading this article on Popularairsoft, I now have no sympathy and support for Cybergun in the way they handled the matter. Yes, they have license rights but to pick a major show that Jag is displaying all their 2012 offerings including echo1, and shutting down their whole booth for 4 echo1 guns (JP-29, JP-50, JP-44 and JP-45) and 1 VFC MK16 that they are going after for license fees, is bullying!

They could have gone in and removed only those 5 guns. The rest of the booth was fine and contained other gun manufacturers distributed by Jag.
You have no idea what 'bullying' or 'being dicks' consists of in the wild IP market that is China. There are many security and investigation firms in that AO that offer extra-legal measures to fill a capability gap that legal measures are not equipped to deal with. China does not enforce IP unless there is guanxi involved.
Had cybergun wanted to deal with the situation 'like dicks' they could have easily had JAG stores, manufacturers, whatever, burned to the ground.

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