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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
Yeah, it a good thing they did it this way to save legal fees and let the industry know about it. Also , as a consumer, I won't be buying anything from Cybergun from now on and I will let my friends know about it as well. I have bought their products the past, but that just changed.
Before this thread, being relatively new to airsoft (even though I wanted one for many years), I did not know that Cybergun rebrands other brands such as ICS, nor did I know that Cybergun secures the rights to their replicas when they put the trades on them. So I'd say, more then likely if I had a reason to, I'd buy a Cybergun.

Its a business, if your as stupid as Echo1 was to go to a show knowing that the people your in court with will be there too. Echo1 either wanted to see what Cybergun would say/do and therefor should have expected what happened, or they were too stupid to realize that if your infringing on someone else's products, perhaps its best not to show them off in plain sight in front of them.

If anything, I'll be avoiding Echo1 products from now on.

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