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Originally Posted by Dimitri View Post
There is a old Greek saying, "If your going to do something, do it right and you'll only have to do it once", and I believe this situation may be one of those. As Cybergun let the entire industry know enough is enough, and no one will risk Shot 2013 turning into the same thing and embarrass themselves at it like Echo1 ended up.

Who knows, maybe Cybergun saved themselves a bunch in legal fees. Which in business is always a good thing.

Yeah, it's a good thing they did it this way to save legal fees and let the industry know about it. Also , as a consumer, I won't be buying anything from Cybergun from now on and I will let my friends know about it as well. I have bought their products the past, but that just changed.

I will also continue to buy Madbull because they did not do business this way, but in a B2B way. I can't affort RS electronics sights, so I just live with my iron sights instead of buying a clone electronic sight.

Cybergun are dicks!

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