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Originally Posted by Matt 'Maverick' Watts View Post
A point to consider here before you all come crashing down on Cybergun is that is was not them that shut Echo1/JAG down, it was the ISSF. The ISSF made the decision to shut down the booth and walk out the Echo1/JAG staff as a result of the lawsuit. All Cybergun did was inform the ISSF of both lawsuits (the one filed in Texas and the one filed in Vegas) with the intent of having the offending merchandise removed from public view.
I can confidently say this as I was with the business development director for Palco/Cybergun when all of this went down and heard first hand what the intent was.

Is Cybergun crossing a line? I don't believe so. When you have a license to use a specific product, you have the right, and even the obligation, to defend that license whenever and wherever it is needed.
exactly, when you pay for licencing to a certain products you have the right to protect your investment whether you do it in private through a fleet of lawyers or in public it is your right. If it were my business I would protect it to prevent someone else from profiting from my investment.
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