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Originally Posted by SuperHog View Post
Wildcard, unless you have non-clone parts on your guns, I will support your statement too, but other than that , I am residing with Deadpool, because Cybergun are dicks!
Well I guess we are all guilty then because all the parts that we/I use with the exception of the Knights rail are clones of the real thing, we are all guilty of buying cloned products since Marui didn't purchase the licensing from the RS company and company like G&P, KA, CA and the rest are guilty as well for cloning a tech that Marui invented and R&D to put into a illegally cloned RS counterpart.

Cybergun may be the dicks in this case the best solutions are stop buying their stuff, don't forget being a business they have to protect their investment whether they are being dicks in protecting their investment it's not our responsibility nor is our right to complain about it. guys like Carl (madmax) have their stuff cloned without permission by other less reputable company did he or others fight about it? well if they have the funds to do so I'm sure they would, but like Morbius said trademark and pattern lawsuits are really complicated and very costly to fight. All my RS are real no clones but my for airsoft accesories, I try to purchase real ones when possible it's impractical to purchase a real trijicon acog at $3000 for airsoft when you can suffice with a $120 KA clone.

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