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Get a decent stock AEG, and a decent stock pistol. You've got your indoor and outdoor. I can't emphasize enough how useful a sidearm is. Some people seem to think that sidearms are novelties, but I'm more of the opinion that anything mounted on mounted on a rail is a novelty. You also don't need anything at all inside an AEG upgraded, unless it breaks. Half the time at games, I run through my rifle magazine and don't bother to reload. In close quarters, some players have a tendancy to retreat to perhaps get you to follow them so they can plug you at a different angle. I find that the best way to prevent them getting the drop on you is to chase after them really fast...something I do with a pistol.

I've seen dudes with tricked out guns inside and out...and they'll spend a full minute sitting in one place swapping BBs with someone on the other side of a large grass field. I'm always thinking "What are you doing?" Some of the guys here seem to think that airsoft rifles have that sort of range. Sure, you could probably make a gun shoot at that range...but for practical matters, just get close to someone to make sure that BB hits home.
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