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G2010.... that's what i bought mine for.
range is killer, the gun is short for cqb, and the barrel is longer then an M4. to put this into terms, i'm 5'10", i can sholder the gun, aim down the sights, and pull open a door without hitting the barrel or needing to lower the gun... i found that to be a really nice feature.

the spring is quick change, as well as adjustable. i just chronoed mine and it adjusts from ~350 to ~410 fps.
and the range is killer.

now i just bought a 590mm inner barrel for it, and a second hop up, I'll post after a game with the new set up

but putting this out there... i played 2 years with a gun that shoots 300 fps and did fine. i was out ranged compared to some, but that just meant i needed to move a bit more. FPS is not everything, and you can have the best gun in the world, but if you can move around a field effectively, your gonna get hit

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