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Originally Posted by Valdes
Originally Posted by lt_poncho
Originally Posted by MacDonald
If you don't think a venue teaching CQB to civilians in Toronto is going to be of interest to the Police, when they get wind of it, or the first soccer mom who sees it has a problem with it, I think you are in for a shock. Especially with the 4 shooting last weekend, you think they are not going to be having another "blitz" shortly. Listen to the news reports.
I don't understand the logic of your assumptions. This isn't a night club - it's a training venue. They ALREADY train people in swordsmanship and martial arts.

I think you're the one who should prepare themselves for the 'shock'.
The thing is with Swordsmanship... its not possible to harm another person unless you're stupid.

The only 'legal' swordsmanship offered here is Iaido... which is basically drawing your sword really quickly.. swinging it around... and putting it back in the scabbard quickly.

Theres also Kendo and Fencing... but Kendo uses blunt sticks and fencing you have armor on.

The only way I can see Airsoft institutions being opened is if the participants are required to wear a full suit of ballistic armor.

Valdes, you don't know what you are talking about... I'v been studying swordsmanship for 20+ years, I can assure you that it is very easy to hurt someone with a sword, even if you are not stupid....

Swordsmanship is not prescribed under the law... there is no such thing as "legal" swordsmanship.. it's all legal. Right up to the point that the weapon is used in a offense.. then the sword suddenly becomes a "prohibited Weapon"

The only mention of anything to due with swordsmanship in the Criminal Code is a prohibition of Dueling.

There are already many "Airsoft institutions" in existance, and none of them require body armour.
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