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Originally Posted by DavidoftheDoell View Post
I have spent at least 15 hours reading FAQs, noob guides and on general lurking. It seems to be quite a rare occurance around here. So I'm hoping I don't ask any stupid questions. Yes I met with an AVer, I'm just waiting for it to go through. I searched for this topic but didn't find any results. I'm looking to buy my first gun soon.

Is there a gun that works for both indoor and outdoor games without too much conversion hassle? Since it's winter I'm currently playing indoor games but come summer I'll want to do outdoor as well. I looked at the ICS M4 CQB "pistol" as a possibility because of it's split gear box allowing easier spring change. Then I would just add a longer barrel and a stock. I don't have enough experience to know if it would be more of a frustration than convenience to do each time I change between indoor/outdoor. My friend tells me internals aren't meant to be messed with on a regular basis. I have seen quick change barrels, I have heard of barrels with holes to lower fps for indoor. The other solution is to buy a gas pistol for indoors and an AEG for outdoors, is that a better idea? Is it feasable to do both indoor and outdoor with the same gun? Sorry this is so long but I want to make sure I explained everything well. Thanks for your help.

With regard to ICS, yep, it's been discussed before... but if you've got the $$, it's definitely doable. I'd consider doing it with my ICS M4A1 14.5" setup, if i had the spare dosh. I lucked into a cheap TM MP5A4 for CQB/indoors first, so that plan went onto the back-burner.

I can't discuss the specifics of the what, where and how much to get it until you are age verified, but you can get spare, complete uppers for the ICS M4 series that range from the 7.5" SIR foregrip model, through to the 18.5" DMR'esqe M16 type upper with variations in between, and they'd interchange according to your CQB/Field/Milsim desires with a simple removal of the two pins holding the lower to the upper. This way, you could run essentially 1 gun/2 separate game platforms cosmetically and mechanically tailored to suit, or alternatively just get an additional upper gear box and use according to what FPS/limits that are called for.

I don't know if working with the M4 'Pistol' version is a good basis for that though.. it's a bit of an oddball, parts-wise, if i understand.

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