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Here's another perfect example of a situation that came in, on why a notice like this had to be made:

A potential buyer was talking to a seller about an item. NO COMMITMENT was made on the buyer's part to purchase the item. The buyer asked a few questions about the item, but received no answers to the questions.

Instead, the seller sends the buyer his phone number, and kept insisting that the buyer calls so they could talk. No reply to the original questions were received, except for the insistence to call. Not wanting to bother with the phone (or whatever his reason was, who cares), the buyer never called.

A few days later, the seller left a neutral feedback to complain about the buyer asking questions, and when no call was ever received he was frustrated. He felt he was entitled to a gentle let down that the buyer was no longer interested.

That isn't appropriate.

My advice to the seller, was the same I'm telling you guys. It's quite simple: "deal with it." The world doesn't owe you squat. They don't owe you apologies or excuses. Yes, they are a common societal courtesy, but the sooner any of you stop acting like a victim, the sooner you'll stop being a victim or feeling like you're the victim of some sort of situation.

Some say I sound angry. I'm not. I'm just a realist. I'm not worked up over this - I'm just imparting knowledge on you guys to actively protect yourselves as sellers so that you never feel slighted, or in some way in a situation where you feel you have to leave a negative rating against a lost buyer.
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