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Hey guys. Brand new here, played airsoft for my first time last Saturday.

I just bought this exact same gun. I can't find any information on it, except that it seems identical to the ICS GSG 522.

If anybody knows any more info on it, that would be great. I especially would like to be able to get another mag or a better battery if necessary?

It is an ICS GSG 522, on the box it even says "Made in Taiwan by ICS". Everything on this thing is plastic. It shoots 330 feet per second, and 16 rounds per second. It seems pretty accurate. I wouldn't pay $300 for it, but for $150 it is pretty good deal. If you want an extra mag, any "MP5" mag should fit. I think the battery is pretty good. It is a tight fit already, I don't think you will be able to get a larger battery in there. I wouldn't collapse and extend the stock too much, the plastic disc that locks the stock in place will eventually wear out, and your stock won't lock into the extended position anymore. That's what happened to my MP5 (Aftermath Lycaon), so I had to replace it with a full stock.

I have another MP5 (aftermath Lycaon). I tried to interchange some parts (front sight, stock), they don't fit. Probably because this is based off of a GSG-522, which looks like a HK MP5, but is slightly different.
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