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Ever hear of the f-35? Without asking questions how would I ever better my understanding? I'm not liberal either. They weren't the only ones with shady fundraising tactics. The cons have donor clubs as well and Harper outright refused to work with elections Canada to close fundraising loop holes.

I was trying to keep an open mind and get an understanding of an issue that could effect us all. I was trying to avoid the same old left vs right debate. You guys keep going there. Your political allegences have blinded you.

The conservatives are big business friendly. They have always supported lower corporate taxes and have a history of siding with big business. ( big telecom ring any bells) I never claimed the liberals were any better. They are not in power now. I'm on my phone at work and have to go. I wish I could have left a more detailed response. It usually comes back to bite me when I don't. I'll write more later.

Got to go. Looking forward to a civil discussion.
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