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Originally Posted by Dimitri View Post
And you do also realize, unlike the Liberals who have always resorted to funding themselves with corporate/businessmen/union donations (as high as 75% in some years) even after the ban on corporate donations by hosting 500$ a plate fundraisers for sale corporate donors to bypass the donation limits. The Conservative party traditionally only raised 10-15% of their political funding through corporate/businessman/union donations.
I've been trying to get this point across for years, but some people just have a hate on for the Conservatives and will believe anything that makes it easier to support their position. When compared to the Liberals, the Conservatives are about as friendly to big business as Iran is to Israel. The Liberals, on the other hand...did you know that the previous three leaders of the Liberal Party of Canada met privately with the Deputy Chair of the 2nd largest bank in Canada (the 5th largest bank in the world, incidentally) pretty much monthly? I was there, in the meetings, and I heard the subject matter.

Of course, during that time, the Liberals were in Opposition. While they were in Government, I didn't see too much of the Prime Minister. But the Finance Minister was a pretty regular visitor.

Not coincidentally, other frequent delegates includes McGuinty, Miller, and other prominent Liberals/Socialists in power across Ontario.

As far as "Big Business" in Canada is concerned, it doesn't get much bigger than our Financial Institutions. And from my perspective, they have (or had) the Liberal Party of Canada in their pocket.
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what if it model after his?
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