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Originally Posted by Jcotter View Post
There is also talk that Canada is under pressure from US lobbyists to add these provisions, so that might be part of it as well.
Political lobbying such as is done by Americans is downright illegal here. And I am still waiting for you to show me a single law that the Conservatives have tabled that they changed due to external pressure, or changed period for that matter. Cause there hasn't been any since the majority, and previously only limited changes were allowed based on the wants from the Liberals and NDP, and even that was minimized, which is why they said Harper ran Parliament like a biker gang.

Till we see the changes we will not know the direction of their changes. Its all bullsh*t speculation, once we see them, if they are anything like SOPA, the Conservatives know it will fail, and their own supports will bail on them. So its highly doubtful that they'd go that direction. Perhaps you should wait instead of speculating on something they have not publicly disclosed?

Originally Posted by Jcotter View Post
It's not just the music industry.We know the Tories tend to side with big business
You do realize we are in Canada and not the United States right? In the US the GOP and Dems both work for big business regardless of what anyone says, its not a "left or right" issue like people make it in either country. Even when Bush was still in charged, and the Conservatives only had a minority, there was still plenty of conflict between the 2 parties due to Harper's idea that our trade should be more important, and their protectionist attitude towards their own businesses.

And you do also realize, unlike the Liberals who have always resorted to funding themselves with corporate/businessmen/union donations (as high as 75% in some years) even after the ban on corporate donations by hosting 500$ a plate fundraisers for sale corporate donors to bypass the donation limits. The Conservative party traditionally only raised 10-15% of their political funding through corporate/businessman/union donations.

I'm sorry, but please stop while your not too far behind, cause your ignorance of Canadian politics is showing.


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