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Originally Posted by Augiedoggy18 View Post
As M102404 said, its not really possible to trademark something this obviously available to everyone (like a sock, etc). T-shirts have been made by thousands of companies for decades. Fruit of the Loom has zero expectation that anyone seeing a t-shirt will automatically identify it as a Fruit of the Loom product.

This is not the case with the SCAR. If you see an airsoft gun of that design, you would say "That's a SCAR." You wouldn't call it anything else no matter what the distributor was calling it (ASC, MK16, MK17, etc)....
Its possible for YOU to know its a SCAR, 98% of other people in the world would say "AK", "M4" or simply "rifle"..
What if I put AK stock on SCAR? What if its 15% longer or wider? Am I still violating the patent? Some people will be able to tell the difference, some won't.
Some tribes in Amazonian rain forest would not know whats a "t-shirt" or how it should look like.
Where do you draw the line? You can only patent something that could be recognizable by 90% of customers, or 75%, or 50%?

Because of constant "patent/copyright" laws, we as customers lose the most because prices go up..
Do you care if Cybergun CEO makes 1 extra million or that your gun is 50% cheaper?

What if Intel or AMD would have patented multiple core CPUs? We would be stuck with 1 manufacturer and paying a lot more..
Apple made record profits and they are still in court with Samsung. Guess who is paying for all those court fees? Customers..

And if you are on the side of the "law" and demand "only quality national made products", start a party and try to stop globalization so Chinese clones wont even make it here...

P.S. I don't even understand how gun manufactures sell their trademarks to be put on such shitty products..

P.P.S. I lost just thinking about "People of Walmart" site...

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