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Originally Posted by Jcotter View Post
I hope you are right. According to Dr. Michael Geist,the Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa you are not.
Notice what you posted?

According to the music industry document
Last I checked the Music Industry is not the Government of Canada, nor is it the Conservative Party of Canada.

Conservatives tabled C-11 back in like October 2011, and only the last couple days has it got any attention, why is that do you think?

Fact is, the Conservatives tabled a very mild version of the Copyright treaty that the Liberal signed Canada into, with no provisions beyond what is already illegal in the Criminal Code of Canada, and with a clear definition that even in cases relating to copyright infringement there are loop holes out of it with the way C-11 was written. Since its a Conservative Bill, and they have a majority government, the likely hood of them changing it is next to nil like everything else they have been doing.

This is pure sensationalism and a means to attack Harper's Government cause the Liberals and media do not know what else to do with themselves. That articles idea of "proof" that a SOPA style law will come into Canada through C-11 is very similar to Jean Chretien's idea of a proof.


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