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Originally Posted by Dimitri View Post
There is NO SOPA like changes proposed to C-11. That is just fear mongering now that SOPA was defeated in the US, the bad evil Conservatives are going to do it in Canada instead.

None of the changes in C-11 to the Copyright Act are new, the provisions are in other laws (such as the Criminal Code) already. We are adding them to the Copyright Act to comply with our international agreements on WIPO, which was signed under the Liberals, but this does not go near as far as the US did with their DMCA (for them to comply to WIPO), nor is it anywhere near SOPA.

May I ask how you know this? What is your source? I do hope you are right. According to Dr. Michael Geist,the Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa you are not.

According to the music industry document, Bill C-11's "enabler provision" should be expanded to include "services that are primarily operated to enable infringement or which induce infringement." Those demands are echoed by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada, which called on the government to "amend the enabling provision to ensure that it applies to services that are "designed or operated" primarily to enable acts of infringement." Both groups also want statutory damages added to the enabler provision so that liability can run into the millions of dollars for a target website.
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