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On one hand, I can see the frustration of the seller, and in that regard, I would say the buyer deserved the negative feedback if the seller says outright that flakers will receive a negative feedback.

On the other hand, the base concept of the trader feedback system is being misused, because technically, no trade has gone through at all. No money exchanged hands, no product exchanged hands. Thus, nothing was traded.

Ultimately, my 15+ years of online trading has taught me one thing: Trust no one (not even team mates - they're the first ones to delay paying, because they think things are cool), and to always cover your ass. Money in hand or nothing is committed, cash up front for orders you aren't willing to hold as inventory, and "yes, for sure" is never absolute. It's a rather jaded view, but it serves to cover my butt every single day, even to this day.

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