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Originally Posted by Jcotter View Post
ok, trades are one thing; I completely agree and understand using a companies name without their permission is wrong. What about the shape? If I decide to make sell plain t shirts, should I have to pay a license fee?

lets make the example more relevant,lets say I make plain t shirts for dolls, should I have to pay fruit of the loom license fee's for using something that replicates the form of a t shirt? How would fruit of the loom loose money by me selling doll shirts?
This has already been touched on. If what you make is junk, then their name becomes associated with junk and you have harmed their business.

Now you're going to argue that everyone knows that your stuff isn't the real thing but I'm going to propose a test for you.

Go to the People of Walmart site. View for as long as is required. Then ask yourself the question would those people be able to tell? You may even know the answer now.
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