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May I suggest that you use the full sealed style like the revision bullet ant, the reason is those safety glasses do work but the only time it is safe to wear them for airsoft is at CAPS events where it is just shooting targets with no return fire, the sides are still quite open to hard richochet or even a shot to get in. If you are a fan of scoutdoggie video as much as I am you will notice that in one of the video one of their players were actually hurt from getting a bb in the safety glasses from a stray, while he was not injured badly he considered himself lucky and made a switch to a sealed type glasses. Ultimatey it is your field and you have to make the call, just throwing in my 2cents

FYI - in the world of evil cloning there are clones of these safety type glasses that would not hold up to a .25BB fired from a M90 cylinder PTW, I recently did a test for the purpose of showing Paintball city owner/organizer the difference between the real and fake ballistic plastic eye pro and the mesh ones (it shattered and penetrated with a .25 and red cylinder M150, and dented badly with the .25 with blue cylinder 390-400fps)

Hi WildCard,

First, I want to say you and I have had side discussions on certain wing nuts who have come to games, not calling hits etc, and I do value your input. I feel your response is actually worth considering as it does lay it out. The photo I showed you of the glasses does not show them on your face and actually wrap around the side pretty well. Minimal gap. Once you finish it off with a shamog wrap its is pretty much closed up.

As the first post I put up points out, I was asking why the games out west in Canada allow them and so does Stirling Airsoft. The example of strirling is actually a good one as I am sure nobody is going to dispute they and the king of the heep for games. Off the wall stuff that make the games here look like a day care center. I saw their videos and the ones from out west and the picture below seems to be the same thing I keep asking. You dont even see an ESS in this picture. I am not trying to argue or question, just was wondering why these places CAN and places here CANT. I am really beginning to think this has more to do with being at a paintball place. Again, at SOF we are not going to be sharing fields, and this spring there is a seperate safety zone being put up for airsoft at the opposite side of the grounds. All the games that will be happening between now and June will effectively cut off the interaction of Paint and Airsoft with the field selection.
To cap this off, there will be a no engagement under 10 foot rule put in.

Anyway, perhaps maybe we can steer the conversation away from SOF and to why below is ok?

See pic at Stirling UK.

Intrinsic 086[2].jpg


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