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In some outdoor games I've used ESS CDI's for when running NVG due to their lower profile. The only reason I feel safe doing this is because there is a retention strap to keep them on my face and they're usually being pinned there too by the NVG. If I'm not running with NVG I'll use the full-seal as they fog less than the CDI's, they appear to ventilate and defog faster likely because they're not as close to my face and get better air-flow.

I would NEVER trust my eyes to eyepro manufactured in China or any other knockoff eyepro.

As for mesh goggles I wore them once a long time ago, then at one game took a shot to my right eye. The impact deformed the mesh and resulted in the coating of paint on it spraying my eye. Fortunately I was fine but it was not a fun experience to say the least. I thought I had taken BB shrapnel to my eye until I took said mesh goggles off in the safe zone and inspected both my eye and the goggles.

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