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I'm divided on the issue. Yes cybergun paid good money for the rights for the licenses but they sell a horrible product. Jag has to be one of the largest if not the largest distributor of airsoft in the US. Echo 1 has a superior product( in relation to anything cybergun ) Having both companies removed from the show is just bad for airsoft in general.

My big fear with companies like cybergun who buy up all the rights to products, is that they make a shitty product. If they put all of the companies who make good products out of business, all we are left with is a shitty product. Sure other companies can make their own style of rifle, pistol or whatever but isn't one of the great things about airsoft is it's realism?

all cybergun does is pay a fucktonne of money for license agreements, then paint shitty trades on even shittier guns. End result, customer pays more for a shittier product.

I wish the rights could be purchased and shared amongst manufacturer's and not be exclusive to one company.

**EDIT** another thing that scared me was SOPA and PIPA. I was wondering what if any effect it would have had on the Asian clone market and airsoft in general?
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