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Originally Posted by Augiedoggy18 View Post
I'm glad that you are an expert on the Cybergun business model. Going after people legally is a drawn-out, messy, and expensive process that everyone seeks to avoid. This is why companies like Cybergun serve Cease and Desist letters to others who produce counterfeit goods. When those companies thumb their noses at these letters, it forces Cybergun's hand. Most of the license agreements that Cybergun has REQUIRE that Cybergun defend trademarks and trade dress. The agreement with FN is no exception.
I respectfully think that you need to learn a bit about business models...

I can name a few businesses whose models are similar.

- SCO Group (sued Redhat)
- Righthaven
- Digitude
- Those law companies pretty much setup to extort people into paying excessive amounts of money for "piracy" of music or whatever (arguably piracy is illegal but to go after people (some are old ladies who have never owned a computer in their lives or are already dead) like that with the option of settling for $20K vs a long drawnout lawsuit/court case that will leave them deeper in the hole than if they were to just pay up the extortion money originally).
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