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Originally Posted by MidnightX View Post

The second is Hero Army Surplus in Oshawa. Hero's is more on the paintball side of things but still worth checking out. The only really big problem with Hero's is that I get in there and don't want to leave... like ever.

I hope these places are helpful for you if they haven't been posted already.


Hero army was TRASH until Viperfish got involved there, after that, I had no issues with them. A short time ago he quite at Hero Army due to the bullshit that got them a bad name in the first place, he can hardly be blamed. Now that he's gone, I will not be dealing with them, the only thing that kept them on the ball was Viper, now with him gone, I suspect that their service will degenerate into what it was before. And a heads up, with fish gone, airsofters will resume their place as the least important customers there.

Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
Whoa there buddy... to put it mildly, this is extremely harsh and does not jive with my experience.
Harsh? Maybe, but completely valid and true, just go back and look at their reputation prior to Viperfish getting involved

Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
I'd try Army Issue in Port Credit but the website seems sparse/incomplete and they didn't answer my PMs when I've asked about stock, so I haven't got around to visiting them yet. It's clear from the forum that the main guy from Army Issue is a super-helpful / nice / community-oriented guy though, so it's only a matter of time until I become his customer
One of the best surplus guys I have EVER dealt with, simple as that and many here will confirm this.

Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
You also need to be specific when making such accusations, so that people can weigh your evidence against that of other people like myself and the rest of my crew, who have had great experiences with them.
Go look up past dealings with these people and you'll see specifics

Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Heroes is a well known pirate who screws customers every chance he gets. Maybe he's cleaning up his business practices after the cops raided his store for the 10th time... I don't care. I still won't go there.
Every bit here is true. As for the "Cleanup", as stated, was the work of Viperfish
Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Like seriously dude. The incredible lack of common sense in the question could be scientifically investigated for evidence of a black hole.
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