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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
They paid to get the rights to the trades from the manufacturers, and it was done so that their own substandard garbage rebrand products would have trademarks and quality stuff wouldn't. There's no arguing that.
This is just idiotic. Sure, Cybergun does produce price-point items for Mass Market distribution through Walmart, Canadian Tire, Big 5, Sports Authority, and others. This is necessary because giant companies like these drive volume.

However, Cybergun sources a ton of items through King Arms, G&G, VFC, KJ Works, CYMA, JG, Inokatsu, and even KWA. These items are distributed in Europe by Cybergun and its various branches and in the US by Spartan Imports and Palco Sports. To make a blanket statement saying that all Cybergun items are "substandard garbage" shows a level a ignorance and outright bias.

I own guns from a variety of manufacturers. I don't own anything that could be considered low-end. I encounter gun issues with Cybergun products at a rate that is the same as what I find with other makers/branders because their guns come from many of the same places.
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