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Originally Posted by lt_poncho
Originally Posted by MacDonald
If you don't think a venue teaching CQB to civilians in Toronto is going to be of interest to the Police, when they get wind of it, or the first soccer mom who sees it has a problem with it, I think you are in for a shock. Especially with the 4 shooting last weekend, you think they are not going to be having another "blitz" shortly. Listen to the news reports.
I don't understand the logic of your assumptions. This isn't a night club - it's a training venue. They ALREADY train people in swordsmanship and martial arts.

I think you're the one who should prepare themselves for the 'shock'.
Absolutly!! and this is a good point, Learning to use weapons of any kind is not against the law. Using weapons in the commitment of an assault is.

I teach how to use many weapons that are technically as restricted as a pistol ( a real pistol) I do it legally and 100% in the public eye without concern for legal scrutiny.

Teachig people the responsible use of legal airsoft weapons is in my perception a "public service" that serves the community interest.

Now back on topic,

If people have "micro business endeavors" related to Airsoft , other than the selling of the weapons themselves and are looking to connect to the community face to face. I really hope that TTAC3 can be the place for that.

I really am hoping to create a "community Center" for the GTA airsoft community.. overall.. as far as details as to what TTAC3 is supposed to be .. that is it, a "community Center" wherein real martial skills can be learned, developed and exercised.
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