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This is a forum for pop drinkers, if you want expert medical advice you need to check wiki or Telehealth Ontario

better yet google utube about stupid little brothers.
They do all kinds of shit to get you in trouble.

I had a buddy who had his eye fall out every time he sneezed in class. fkn funny every time. he said it would be fine when he stopped growing and they found the right size

so prbably his eyes are the wrong size

and how old is your brother. remeber he.s been shitting himself since birth so the fact he.d not been doing so recently is probaably more worrying

also fill out your profile . are you black skinned. if you are and his skin is now a little black then his skin is getting paler and if he was shaking a lot then it.s probably the flu.
green tea and a blanket is what a doctor would probably advise as well.and whatever the drug rep of the week was pushing.
i.m not a dr. but I WENT TO ONE ONCE so I know what i.m talking about all good
and your brother probably wont move when you poke him so teach him a lesson and tie him up in the blanket and roll him down the basement stairs
unless it.s cold in the basement
my mom would be mad if locked my brorher in a cold basement when he has the flu.
besides your brother sounds like a pussy. maybe he.s two spirited or something
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