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With respect to what kind of things could be placed in the "kit Exchange" Gear only would be the rule, I am not interested in holding guns for people.

And obviously if you are not comfortable leaving "big ticket" items then don't No one is forcing anyone to use the service.

What I expect is that it would be a good place to pick up used "starter gear" for people new to airsoft.

As far as Police interest in our activities, it extends as far as the law goes.
There is no difference between this activity and the things that go on at paintball fields and Airsoft fields throughtout Ontario. All legal activities.

What we are doing is essentialy "live action role playing" with as much realism as possible... but at the end of the day .. it is still "play" and well below the radar as far as the police are concerned.

Where the police get involved would be where responsible ownership and use ends. Which will remain an issue in the community regardless of the existance of TTAC3
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