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I love Mountain Dew. I used to really love Pitch Black and Code Red.


See that green logo at the top of the label? Yes, that's right. Every time you buy a bottle of Mountain Dew, you're funding the CODfag militia. Really. When you open a bottle of Mountain Dew, that little hiss you hear is actually condensed voices of pre-pubescent mic-spamming children. Do you REALLY want to hear that shit EVERY TIME you buy a Mountain Dew? I don't, not anymore.

If you need a tasty soft drink that doesn't aid the enemy, buy Dr. Pepper. It's been around for over TWO HUNDRED years, and still tastes like awesome.

See that? Not only are you drinking something that won't become phosphorescent with the addition of baking supplies, you are drinking shit with cool game logos on the label, like Medal of Honor, Battlefield 3, and more! Not good enough? Those Dr. Pepper bottles GIVE YOU SECRET CODES TO GET COOL SHIT WITH. It's fucking awesome. It's so awesome, I'm going to go buy one right now to get another secret code.

So what will you do? Will you fund the underage enemy, or will you put your money and trust in a drink that not only tastes awesome, is free of cool colours used to grab your attention, and rewards you for buying it?

Me, I've made my choice.
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Did he not pay his ASC bill this month?

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