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Hey guys ... thanks for all the great advice... If I ever meet some of you, I'm gonna kill you with a shovel..

so .. I figured that the stuff that my mom was hording all to her self must be some awesome shit, right.. so after she went to work and left me in charge of my little brother.. well I poured 2 big glasses of it .. and he and I were going to drink it... then I forgot I was supposed to meet up with some of my friends online to pay some games.. so I kinda just walked out of the room for a bit...

well now.. it looks like my little brother drank the pop... and he does not look so good... he's kinda.. writhing on the floor you know... his eyes are all red.. and kinda bugging out of his head..

so what do you think? do you figure he's gonna be ok.. has anyone seen this kinda thing?

I just threw a blanket over him for now.. 'cause he's kinda freaking me out a bit.

I figured that he'll prolly be ok.. in a few minutes.. so what do you guys think?

should I do anything more?
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