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Originally Posted by Maethori View Post
i have a few friends that get together every few months and drink pop on some private land next to our school

What? Don't ruin it for the rest of us, we don't need any kind of publicity if you guys get caught by bylaw enforcement or even worse the police.

I hope you know that drinking in the public like that is just asking for trouble. At best you might get off with a $200 fine for a bylaw violation and possibly have your pop confiscated but at worst you could be shot by police if they confuse those opaque or metal soda cans as devices that criminals would use.

Don't drink next to your school, only do so where it's legal and zoned/allowed like paintball fields or outside city limits on large tracts of private land where city bylaws don't affect you and no one will pass by and see you guys drinking your pop.
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