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Originally Posted by Trev140_0 View Post
No not at all.

No idea what the other places are doing.

My question was soely on the games you see out west and in the UK and wondering why they are all using shooting/safety glasses.

If you look on the sterling airsoft games, they are almost ALL wearing these.

I could not understand why, and the explaination of needing to withstand a shot from paint makes sense.

Having said that, we are not "sharing" a field with paint where we play. In fact the next game we have the entire place will be airsoft.

Looks like we can provide the option now after doing some digging.

Thats all....
Regardless. Have you confirmed with the field owner that you are permitted those glasses? It's not the best idea to assume as you might be turned away. All airsofters or not, it's still an insurance policy for that particular facility.

One big caveat with any type of rated glasses, if you go prone, your eyes are exposed. Try it. Lay on your stomach. Now imagine you are looking down range through your rifle sights.
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