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im going to guess this has something to do with paintballcity's enforcement of full seal ANZI rated goggles.
the only reason why pbc is allowing the use of full seal ESS/tac goggles, is because the owner of the facility is being nice enough to allow it, even at a risk to his business. yes, you guys are playing airsoft, but you are also sharing the venue with paintballers, and the insurance only allows for the use of paintball rated safety equipment.
personally, if there are any paintballers sharing the field, then even full seal goggles should be avoided. at the end of rounds when the different groups switched off the field, there were always some paintballers already waiting and shooting off some paintballs while we still had airsofters walking to the exit.

if people are unwilling to accept the minimum safety requirements set out by the property owner, they need to be removed from the venue and told to smarten the f up before coming back.

squash goggles.. all i can say..
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