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Originally Posted by Tex View Post
What? that is their whole business model. buy up every license they can then go after everyone from OEM's right down to retailers. They are trademark trolls.

Not saying they don't have the right to do so nor that echo1 or anyone else they have gone after was right but lets be honest about who/what cybergun is.
I don't agree with Cybergun's practices by any means. They are indeed trademark trolls. They paid to get the rights to the trades from the manufacturers, and it was done so that their own substandard garbage rebrand products would have trademarks and quality stuff wouldn't. There's no arguing that.

But regardless, in legal terms, they've got the license to exclusively use and manage those trademarks for airsoft guns, and they have the right to legally go after anyone that infringes on their trademarks. If Echo 1 is publicly claiming to have licensed trademarks when they're NOT legally licensed, then they're pulling sneaky, underhanded shit. And Cybergun - regardless how much we may hate them - have the legal right to go after them.
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