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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
As part of the development of a GTA Airsoft "Community Center" I was thinking that a Kit exchange or consignment shop may be helpful.
Most people in Toronto will go through the ASC Buy and Sell here - its very convenient and you can put up pictures and the goods remain under your control. Its just too easy to sell them through this forum. I've got consignment arrangements with Army Issue for some of my BB Bastard stuff, but that is different - thats a retail effort of consumable goods.

I've also tried game flea markets and people do bring stuff to games and at times there is a lively trade going on.

Consigning gear items would pose little difficulty. Consigning AEGs and GBBs is another story. If I was running a consignment shop I would watch my legal position in respect to airsoft and reselling preowned guns - there is that little pre-December 1998 clause that supposedly makes it a no - no to resell what AEGs you have, but makes it okay to own them (lets not start debating interpretations - this is ONE interpretation).

I've often thought of doing something like this myself, but I think the number of people who would consign items would me in the minority...
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