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It's all about that Dr. Pepper. I've got high flow valves on mine for faster consumption of Dr. pepper goodness. I even have upgraded to metal bottle caps which makes it way nicer and hefty compared to that stock plastic crap threading tolerances will be bad if you get knockoff cheap crap like Safeway Select, NoName, or Presidents Choice but if you get high quality stuff the metal bottle caps will thread on usually with no problems but maybe require a bit of dremelling for fitment.

You can even upgrade it to hot Dr. Pepper.

Q: What is hot Dr Pepper?
A: Hot Dr Pepper was developed many years ago as a refreshing winter drink. Heat Dr Pepper in a saucepan to 180 degrees, place a thin slice of lemon in the bottom of a coffee mug or insulated cup and pour the heated Dr Pepper over the lemon.
Another one that's not as common is IrnBru which isn't for everyone, it's considered a classic and not popular with everyone and it's usually a bit more expensive than other options.
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