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Anyone posting above doesn't have a clue about anything, mountain dew does pretty much everything any other soft drink does and tastes fucking Amazing at the same time.

Dont bother with that low end trash. you'll be wasting your money.

Originally Posted by Jaelommiss View Post
As a new drinker, I've found this thread extremely useful. I'm going to do a bit more research before choosing, but it looks like Mountain Dew is the way to go.

Before I buy some I'd like to know about aftermarket upgrades for Mountain Dew. I'm planning on keeping it in the stock bottle with a tightbore straw. If you have any suggestions feel free to PM me.

I'm glad you asked actually. Mountain dew has such a vast array of upgrades its difficult to really steer you in the right direction. Just about anything they offer for the drink will benefit you in many ways. I personally use a highly upgraded sportsdrink bottle that has a pop cap that has melded springs installed in it for quick sipping action. It ejects enough mountain dew to satisfy your thirst craves that any other drink can't keep up.

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