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@ JonsM4 It's an EV-650W Intelligent deluxe charger/discharger

@ Coachster: I agree I should have used my old thread to continue the discussion. my bad. The battery is a G&P intellect 9.6v 1600mah. the 8.4v 1200mah is I'm assuming ICS because it came with my mp5. Thanks for the advice on the charger.

@L473ncy Voltage is push,power,energy, force, drive however you want to put it. Amp is current, ohms is resistance. I retained the basic knowledge of electrical theory from when i studied my gas technician modules 6 yrs ago. Never understood why current is represented by I in ohm's law. My 9.6 peaked at 11.6 V. lmfao

well thank you every one for clearing up this misunderstanding. I finally have this thing figured out.
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